Bone Program

The Optimal Bone Health Program: 

A Transformative 4-PART

5-Week Online Workshop For You and Your Skeleton


~ Feeding your bones calcium and mineral-rich foods in the

early stages of life, from birth to age 30, is important.

So that you will:

Build your bone bank account

~ A strong bone bank account supports dancing well into your 90’s

~ However you’re never too old to eat for strong bones!

~ When we feed our bones calcium and mineral-rich foods,

we feed our body for a lifetime of great health!

~ Did you know your bones need 18 vitamins and minerals?


It’s not JUST about calcium! 


Feeding Your Bones:  A First Step Approach

The Optimal Bone Health Program~

The 5-Week Whole Body Solution

Using Natures Best:

Organic, Unprocessed, Calcium and Mineral-rich

Bone-Building Foods


The Four-Part Program

Part 1: Food  

Part 2: Coaching  

Part 3: Recipes  

Part 4: Exercise



Five One hour pre-recorded modules to listen to at your leisure

Module 1 ~Strong Digestion = Strong Bones, pro-biotics,  calcium and mineral-rich foods

Module 2 ~Veggies: green, leafy, root, colorful and seasonally eating

Module 3 ~ Grains, gluten intolerance, demystifying food labels

Module 4 ~Beans, sprouts, seaweed/sea veggies, acid/alkaline approach

Module 5~ Fats: Good Fats vs. Bad Fats. Crowding out calcium leaching foods.   Nuts, seeds, bone building stocks, mineral-rich herbal teas and superfoods.   Hint: It’s in chocolate! Yeah!

Value: $550



Coaching~ Accountability


Support Sessions

~5 One-Hour Group Coaching Sessions between modules.

Changing behaviors around food takes time.  My method is slow and steadY.  With new healthy foods come new thought patterns.  Self-care is no longer a dessert but now lives in the center of your plate.  

In addition to the modules, THIS weekly one-hour personal support answers your food, bone health, and lifestyle questions.  


This is where the change begins; with support and accountability.


Weekly Coaching/Support calls will be held on THURSDAYS.

Client feedback about my coaching style.

The coaching sessions were interesting, supportive and inspiring. Irma is an excellent facilitator and I felt a warm connection to her.
Elaine Viper, NYC

It was a valuable time for clarification of material and also for thinking about and sharing how integrating these changes “feels.”  I am a feeling oriented person, so Irma’s warm voice and supportive nature was something I welcomed.

Sandy S. MSN, APRN, BC – Massachusetts

Value: $500

Recipes and Resources



~25 Easy-to-Follow Healthy Bone Recipes

~Resource list for reliable online organic grains, sea vegetables, condiments and the mineral rich herbs for your tea infusions




PART  4:

~Ten “at home” bone-building exercises to perform daily to maintain and build bones

~Progress charts for exercises

Value: $200


The session on exercise is chock full of wonderful resources!  I also really grasped the notion of whole foods and a whole body approach, and the repetion of this was helpful.  In addition I enjoyed the recipes, and found the information about alkaline verses acid foods interesting.  Sandy S. MSN, APRN, BC – Massachusetts



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Free Bonuses:

Educational webinar on grass-fed/grass finished beef

Price includes all 4 components listed above

5 hours of teachings and 5 hours of PRIVATE support


Registration is Open for the Feb/March 2013 Session

5 Pre-Recorded Modules (to listen and learn at your leisure) will be released each Monday as follows:

2/25, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25

Five (5) One-Hour Private Coaching calls will be held on THURSDAYS at:

Time slots to be determined:

2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28

 registration questions????  email me here:


Special discount


MODULES ONLY are available at anytime for home study
*5 Pre-recorded Food Modules (Part 1)
*25 Easy-to-follow Recipes and Resources (Part 3)
*Strong Bones Exercises (Part 4)
*Delivered weekly on Monday mornings for 5 weeks
*Exercise Module and  Recipe Module: Delivered on 2 Wednesdays


I recently finished Irma’s program and learned so much simple and straight-forward helpful advice about bone health. I will definitely be taking more classes with Irma.

Susanne Karch, Owner – Estate Service, CA



What we eat has a much greater influence on how we are in the world than most of us realize. Irma has a way of inviting focus on this that engages the mind, body and even the spirit. Until I started working with her, I never thought I would get so much joy from integrating food into my life and into my bones.

Steven Sklyes-Mulligan, Exe Director, Evoke Strategies, NYC


Irma cleaned up my diet, eliminating processed/diet foods, soda, and added many more healthy foods to my family’s diet and to mine while building my bones. Four years later, those changes are now ingrained habits! We have two greens every night at dinner with a variety of whole grains and we continue to have a trans fat-free household. These were excellent changes that Irma encouraged me to make through her skills of listening, empathy acceptance and friendly accountability making her the ideal “coach”!

Nan Huson, Personal Trainer, NYC


Irma’s client learn simply but profound ways to do a much better job of feeding and caring for themselves in an overarching way. She approaches each client with flexibility, kindness, concerns and a deep knowledge of alternative methods to foster optimum health. When I faced my diagnosis of arthritis and osteopenia and felt unsure in how to proceed. I found Irma’s guidance to be of enormous help.

Milly Dawson, Journalist/Author Maitland, Fl


I have taken classes with Irma in the past, and I know she always exceeds my expectations, so I am open to what other wonderful results are created that I haven’t imagined yet. My past experiences with Irma are what brought me here; learning about bone health. And I really trust that whatever Irma has to teach will be beneficial to me.

Susanne Miller, Massage Therapist


I am most pleased to recommend Irma Jennings. I recently participated in her nutritional bone health tele-class and found the sessions informative, inspiring and helpful in moving me forward to make healthier choices. Irma is grounded in her knowledge of nutrition and people skills – presenting information in understandable dialogue.

Diana Salter, Griffin Asset Management, NYC


Irma Jennings is one of those rare professionals who has traveled from Wall Street’s boardrooms to the cutting board of the kitchen. Having worked with her on a number of projects, I’ve experienced her passion for whole foods and wholesome living. She offers clients–both men and women, individually and in groups– her expertise and a wide range of knowledge, fostering a new relationship to their health and wellness, with special focus on bone health and osteoporosis prevention. A natural teacher, she writes an in informative newsletter presenting a handful of useful ideas to chew on and assimilate. If you want to lean more about health and the joy of food, you’d do well to consult with Irma.

LK Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist and Business Coach, NYC