Keeping Bones Healthy

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Dr. Veronica Anderson’s  topic “Keeping Bones Healthy” is on the minds of many. As one of 7 experts on her radio talk show on bone health we had a lively discussion.

Take home message:  First Step starts in our kitchen!

Many fears and unanswered questions surround osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Guess what?  It’s not only an elder issue!  Hear Mira and her husband Jason Calton, PhD as they discuss her diagnosis of advanced osteoporosis at the age of 30 and how she reversed her diagnosis. Vitamin D is explored (with a free give away) in detail and many other vitally important points are discussed.  Well worth your time!

From Dr. Anderson:  Huge advances have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis (and its new cousin, osteopenia) in recent years, but they are not without controversy and side effects.  Guests: Medicine Information Insititute President Dr. Jim Rybacki (author The Essential Guide To Prescription Drugs)Dr. John Cannell (executive director of the Vitamin D Council); Dr. Kim Millman (director of The Millman Institute); nutritionist Mira Calton (recovered from advanced osteoporosis at age 30 through micronutrients) with Dr. Jayson Calton of Calton NutritionDr. Alan Jensen (creator of the AquaDios deep water running system); Lisa Anniston, research director for; and osteoporosis prevention coach Irma Jennings, founder of Food For Healthy Bones.

Listen in for this insightful 90-minute discussion by clicking the little black arrow within the image on the left.

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