Shocking GMOs study will chill you to the bone!

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This news is so upsetting that I had to share it ASAP.

I’ve spoken (and screamed) about GMOs in my free educational webinar.

And now take 12 minutes to view this video and you’ll understand why I was chilled to my bones. Be advised this study uses lab rats and for my animal lovers and vegetarian readers, some of the images may be disturbing.

An important note:  Here’s what’s circulating in the press regarding this study: the lab rats chosen are prone to tumors to test the carcinogenicity of the substance.

Rebecca Fogarty, fact checker for the Institute of Responsible Technology GMOs movie, “Genetic Roulette“.  Rebecca presented the GMOs lecture during  our “My Day of Healing”event held in October 2013, had this response:

“When you do a study with lab rats, you use different types depending on what you anticipate the effects will be.  Big-Ag knows that most people don’t understand this so that they can spit out sound bites indicating these scientist are crooks – they got the results they were looking for.

But what they don’t say in their spin is that they do the exact same thing!! And NOBODY undertakes a test of lab rats of this scale and this duration in this country because Big-Ag and Big-Pharma are the major sponsors of most universities…they sponsor tests, but control the publication or non-publication of the results. You won’t hear unfavorable results of GM tests coming out of the US because they can’t happen here. Thankfully the good folks overseas have a better handle on things.”


What’s a consumer to do?

Vote with your food budget!

Don’t You?


Please, please, please bring your bones back to nature.

What does nature provide naturally?

Unprocessed, organic foods, rich in vitamins, nutrient-dense and calcium-rich foods.

Food that feeds your bones, blood, organs, tissues; all of you!


After all, we are what we eat!

With permission:  Make-up artist Carolyn Roper – Photographer: Tim Anderson/ Barcroft Media


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  1. That really is shocking, Irma!  Thanks so much for posting this.  It really renews my commitment to buying organic and non-GMO.

    Comment by MargieKing on October 5, 2012 at 11:19 am