You’ve just been diagnosed with Osteopenia/Osteoporosis.

Now what do you do?

Is it possible to build bones even if you've tried everything?

I wanted to run away from my diagnosis.

I wanted to run away from my diagnosis.  Irma helps me deal with it one baby step at a time. I've made significant changes in my already healthy diet.  It's helping me feel better.

Denice Whiteley, PA

And maybe…..

You know that food is an important component

But you don't like to cook.

Or you feel intimidated and not organized in the kitchen.

Your food budget is tight.

You question if eating organic is necessary.

You live alone and don’t like cooking for one.

Or your husband has a different palate than your bones need.


…..And you just don’t know which foods have calcium.

I know these feelings.

I felt the same way when I was diagnosed with osteopenia in 2005.

Overwhelmed and extremely isolated.


There is hope.

What if instead you….

Knew exactly what to reach for at the grocery store for easy bone-building meals….

Foods that support your bones with every bite you take…

Your husband and children compliment you on how delicious dinner is….



You feel empowered and confident.


Treating the WHOLE person


I joined the bones tribe to help in healing my osteoporosis with a more non traditional approach. I wanted to take a more active role in helping my bones get stronger. What I found in being a part of Irma's tribe is mind, body & spirit support, treating the WHOLE person. I can't say enough good things about Irma and her commitment to her tribe and our bones.

Irma does the research and is on top of the latest ways to heal. She brings them back to the group, were we can make informed decisions for healing our bones. She respects everyone individuality, has intuitive listening skills and in a gentle, supportive way helps me figure out my best choices to heal. I LOVE my bones tribe and Irma.

Peg Fennell, NJ

It's not just about food...

It's about the WHOLE BODY approach.


It's understanding the internal and external skeletal needs.


Such as:


  • Committing to a sleep ritual
  • Creating a loving support system
  • Exercising that works for you and your bones
  • Mindfully eating and living
  • Mindfully managing stress

Great support for issues beyond osteo! 

Great support for issues beyond osteo!  Irma is a brilliant, inspirational motivator.

Maria Spear, FL

Great support for issues beyond osteo! 


Bones Tribe member, Roberta:

I'm transitioning from my marriage of 31+ years.  Moving with grace into a place of mindful empowerment as.  Great support for issues beyond osteo!

Wonderful Resource in Response to My Many Questions


While Irma’s expertise and focus with Bone Tribe members is that of nutrition for good bone health, I’ve also found her to be a wonderful resource in response to my many questions that arise from group coaching calls and posts made by members to the Bones Tribe Facebook page. I appreciate Irma’s knowledgeable guidance.

That she does it with wit and compassion is icing on the cake.

Lynn Hughes, OR

You’re thinking:

"How could this be?"

I eat right.

I exercise.


You’re feeling a bit blindsided.

Because you pride yourself on being well-informed.

Maybe you’ve tried all that you’ve been told to do:

Take your calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin k2 and magnesium supplements.


Yet there is that darn diagnosis....

And this diagnosis is bringing on anxiety and doubt.

Feelings of isolation with all the decisions that are before you.




is a hyper-supportive community for those that have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis and who.....



Where your questions are answered.

Supports you when facing the big questions.

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    Great Resource for Dietary Guidance to Better Bone Health

    I was first introduced to Irma Jennings several months ago and quickly realized that she is one of those special people in the field of bone health. As the founder of Food For Healthy Bones Irma is a great resource for anyone in need of help in designing and sticking to a bone-healthy diet. 

    Keith McCormick, DC

    "My very good friend, Irma Jennings, went from the board room on Wall Street to the cutting board in her kitchen. Irma and I met because of our love of bones. The reason I love what she does is because she is teaching people the heart of bone health - teaching us how to feed our bones.

    Dr. Lani Simpson, DC, CCD
    Author: No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide - The Truth about Density Testing, Drugs and Building Bone Quality at Any Age

    "Irma Jennings is an astute, supremely qualified teacher who excites her clients to achieve  and maintain a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.  What is on the end of our fork has become one of the most empowering medicines of our time. Hippocrates was so wise when he said, "let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food. Irma is your key to this important teaching."

    Helene B. Leonetti, MD

    My comprehensive program is part of my

    Bones Tribe Membership

    The Optimal Bone Health Program

    The Comprehensive, Holistic, Whole Body Solution

    I've Never Come Across So Much Useful Information In One Place!


    I've never come across so much useful information in one place!  Irma presents her vast amount of knowledge for bone strengthening and healing in a way that makes it so user friendly; charts, easy recipes, short videos....and her passion is contagious.

    Doreen DiGiacomo, NJ

    5 Recorded Modules and 4 Bonus Modules

    Delivered to your inbox weekly.

    Module 1 - Digestion

    • Why committing to bone health NOW is essential
    • Which foods are richest in calcium
    • How strong digestion adds up to strong bones
    • A simple breathing exercise to boost digestion
    • The power of mindful eating
    • The best probiotics for better digestion
    • What your nervous system has to do with digestion
    • How food affects your mood and energy
    • The importance of root vegetables for grounding your life

    Module 2 - Green Veggies, Vitamin K

    • How to create high positive energy with green leafy vegetables
    • How the chakra colors can guide you to choosing fresh vegetables for each of your organs and your bones
    • What oxalates are and how they block your body from getting the right nutrients
    • The importance of vitamin K for bone building and how to get it in your diet
    • A great trick for boosting your leafy greens every day

    Module 3 - Grains, Gluten Intolerance, GMOs

    • Why eating organic foods make a difference
    • The difference between “organic” and “natural” foods
    • How to make a safe veggie wash
    • How to know if your produce really is organic
    • Why genetically modified foods (GMOs) are dangerous
    • How to grow your own basil and why you must!
    • The difference between whole grains and refined grains
    • The secret to cooking whole grains
    • What gluten intolerance tells you about your risk for osteoporosis
    • How to tell if you are gluten intolerant
    • How your thyroid affects your bones
    • The ancient gluten-free grains that are good for your bones

    Module 4 - Seaweed, Acid Alkaline, Beans

    • Acid and alkaline foods and how they affect your bones
    • The perfect formula to find your acid and alkaline balance
    • Which foods are most alkaline and which are most acidic
    • Beans and bone: why you need beans
    • How to cook beans to avoid gas and bloating
    • Why you MUST soak your beans
    • Benefits of sprouting your beans and how to do it
    • Why seaweed is the single best source of bone building materials
    • Easy delicious ways to prepare sea vegetables without the “fishy” taste

    Module 5 - Sugar, Fats, Super Bones Foods

    • How sugar leaches minerals from your bones
    • The best natural sugar substitutes
    • Good Fats vs Bad Fats
    • The best oils for cooking
    • Why butter is good for your bones
    • Why almonds are great for your bones
    • How to make your own almond milk
    • Flax seeds and chia seeds-why you need them
    • Goji berries, garlic, mushrooms and your bones
    • How to make a bone building soup stock
    • The benefits of mineral-rich herbal teas
    • Why chocolate is good for your bones!

    Bonus Module 1 -

    70 Bone Loving Recipes and Resources

    70 Healthy Bone Building Recipes

    Tested resource list for reliable online sources of organic grains, organic beans, sea vegetables, condiments and the mineral rich herbs for bone building tea infusions, to make it easy for you and your bones!

    Plus special reports on oils and GMOs.

    Value: $150

    Bonus Module 2 - Interview Dr. Keith McCormick

    Author of "The Whole Body Approach to Osteoporosis"

    Diagnosed with severe osteoporosis -4.3 at 45 years old (and 12 fractures over 5 years) Dr. McCormick shares his bone journey and offers key tips for your next steps.

    Value: $150

    Bonus Module 3 - Interview - Dr. Lani Simpson

    Author "The No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide"


    Dr. Simpson is a chiropractic doctor and a Certified Clinical (bone) Densitometrist (CCD). In this bonus you will learn what you need to know about the DXA test.

    Value: $150

    Bonus Module 4 - Interview Dr. George McAuliffe

    Digestion and the Acid Alkaline Balance with

    Dr. George McAuliffe, Diplomate by the American Board of Clinical Nutritionists and has served as a nutritional consultant to the US Olympic Team and U.S. Army Special Forces. This bonus will support and broaden your digestive knowledge.

    Value: $150

    My Bones Tribe Membership Includes:

    • Optimal Bone Health Program:with 5 Food for Healthy Bones Modules - VALUE: $297
    • BONUS: 4 Bonus Modules - VALUE: $600
    • SUPPORT: Monday-Friday in our Private Facebook Page - VALUE: $250
    • COACHING: 2 Coaching calls per month - 1st Tues. 7pm ET / 3rd Wed at noon ET - VALUE: $300
    • RECIPES: Weekly Recipes - VALUE: $25
    • GUEST PRESENTERS: Integrative Doctors, Yoga For Osteoporosis Therapist, Sugar Addiction Coach VALUE - $200

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    Make Subtle Changes For My Bone Health


    Hearing from Irma on a regular basis, getting her feedback, suggestions and encouragement is helping me to make subtle changes for my bone health.  Also being part of a group helps to minimize the isolation I have felt having osteoporosis.

    Maureen Romano, PA.



    Referring Bone Doctors


    Bones Tribe Member, Shelly, challenged by continued and severe bone loss has this to say:

    After reading Dr. McCormick’s book a year prior she was thrilled to learn he was doing a zoom call on supplementing and osteoporosis with the Bones Tribe. Immediately after the call, Shelly realized how important it would be to her treatment to have a one on one with Dr. McCormick.

    During their session, he concurred the current thought that she had a parathyroid tumor and suggested she go down to the Norman Clinic. Up to that point, although her endocrinologist felt strongly she had hyperparathyroidism, NYC surgeons did not.

    One month later, she had two tumors removed and looks forward to restoring her health with the help of her doctors, including Dr. McCormick and the support of the Bones Tribe.

    Shelly Zagor, NYC

    About Irma Jennings


    As the founder of Food For Healthy Bones Irma is a great resource for anyone in need of help in designing and sticking to a bone-healthy diet. Irma is one of those bright (literally!) stars in our field. An x-Wall Street heavy, Irma had an epiphany one day and got out of Dodge (NY City) in search of healthier ways. Her story is both endearing and up-lifting...and one that I would like to share with you.

    When Irma joined her son's 5th grade class for a week-long stay on an organic biodynamic farm, she was struck by the peace and harmony of the early morning farm routines. She says, "It was as though farmers and animals were in a timeless dance of joy." Many of us have important events that change the directions of our lives and this day certainly interjected an abrupt 90 degree turn in hers.

    "It was an ah-ha moment for me," she says. "It gave me a deep belief in the power of Nature's rhythms and food to affect your body, mind, and spirit. Now I know that food is more than just fuel. What you put in your mouth becomes your bones, your blood, and your brain."

    Shortly after "seeing the light" as the barn doors (metaphorically speaking) opened, Irma split Wall Street and began studies at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. And when she was diagnosed with osteopenia she knew she wasn't interested in the script her doctor handed her but instead wanted to use food as her medicine. Her diagnosis prompted Irma to establish Food For Healthy Bones where she offers an "Optimal Bone Health Program" of 5 modules including the importance of good digestion, optimal foods, bone healthy recipes, and more about Food for Healthy bones.

    Irma blogs monthly to her community of 4,500 readers.

    By Dr. Keith McCormick

    "I have been learning from Irma for many years.  She first taught me what it meant to cook organic, clean, healthy foods with recipes that were a snap to create. I have been following her as she has developed her Calcium program and I am thrilled to be taking care of myself in a more holistic way." 

    Jenny Griffith, RN - MA

    "I knew of Irma's Optimal Bone Health Program for a few years but I always managed to convince myself that I was too busy and I couldn't possibly find the time. Do yourself a favor and don't postpone it, or at least not as long as I did!

    Irma's classes gently proposed small changes to my life-style and added knowledge one little piece at a time. They effortlessly introduced new healthy habits to my life that also positively affected my family."

    Ivan Pelligrin, IBM Business Partner, InfoSpere Specialist, Brussels, Belgium

    "Irma's Bone Health I learned so much simple and straight-forward, helpful advice about bone health.  I will definitely be taking more classes with Irma!"

    Susanne Karch, Owner, Estate Services, CA

    "Irma continues to educate in accessible and stimulating ways."

    Toni Elizabeth Kurasch, RN, NYC, NY

    "I completed the "Optimal Bone Health" program with Holistic Bone Coach Irma Jennings and found it to be enormously enriching. I have been engaged in my own process of reversing osteoporosis for some time and Irma's program was a very help next step. Irma present in a clear and thorough manner, blending her extensive knowledge of the benefits and how-to's of whole foods with a friendly and engaging manner. As we say in Australia Irma is 'the real deal' and I would certainly highly recommend her program to anyone who is serious about building healthy bones."

    Persia Wildwood, Musician and Astrologist, Australia

    "What we eat has as much a greater influence on how we are in the world than most of us realize.  Irma has a way of inviting focus on this that engages the mind, body and even the spirit.  Until I started working with her, I never thought I could get so much joy from integrating food into my life and into my bones."

    Steven Skyles-Mulligan, Executive Director, Evoke Strategies, NYC, NY


    "Irma's clients learn simply but profound ways to do a much better job of feeding and caring for themselves in an overarching way.  She approaches each client with flexibility, kindness, concerns and a knowledge of alternative methods to foster optimum health.  When I faced my diagnosis of arthritis and osteopenia and felt unsure how to proceed, I found Irma's guidance to be of enormous help."

    Milly Dawson, Journalist/Author, FL

    "Irma cleaned up my diet, eliminating processed/diet foods, soda, and added many more healthy foods to my family's diet and to mine while potentially building my bones.  Four years later, those changes are now ingrained habits!  We have two greens every night at dinner with a variety of whole grains and we continue to have a trans fat-free household.  These were excellent changes that Irma encouraged me to make through her skills of listening, empathy, acceptance and friendly accountability, making her the ideal 'coach'!"

    Nan Huson, Personal Trainer, NYC

    "I have taken classes with Irma in the past, and I know she always exceeds my expectations, so I am open to what other wonderful results are created that I haven't imagined yet.  My past experiences with Irma are what brought me here; learning about bone health.  And I really trust that whatever Irma has to teach will be beneficial to me."

    Susanne Miller, Masters in Public Health, Licensed Massage Therapist

    "I am most pleased to recommend Irma Jennings.  I participated in her nutritional bone health tele-class and found the session informative, inspiring and helpful in moving me forward to make healthier choices.  Irma is grounded in her knowledge of nutrition and people skills-presenting information in understandable dialogue."

    Diana Salter, Owner, Griffin Asset Management, NYC

    "Irma Jennings is one of the those rare professionals who has traveled from Wall Street's boardrooms to the cutting board of the kitchen.  Having worked with her on a number of projects, I've experienced her passion for whole foods and wholesome living.  She offers clients, both men and women, individually and in groups, her expertise and a wide range of knowledge, fostering a new relationship to their health and wellness, with a special focus on bone health and osteoporosis prevention.  A natural teacher, she writes an informative newsletter presenting a handful of useful ideas to chew on and assimilate.  If you want to learn more about health and the joy of food, you'd do well to consult with Irma."

    L.K., PdD., Licensed Psychologist and Business Coach, NYC

    Any Questions? Please reach out to Irma at [email protected]