We’re delighted you’ll be joining us for our second Day of Healing event, Sunday, 10/20/13.


Doors open at 9:15pm

Program begins at 9:50am SHARP

Our event address:

65 Brookville Hollow Road, Stockton, NJ

Need additional driving assistance? Call Vicki at:


Landmark:  Note the white fence surrounding the property. 

Drive all the way up the drive-way, past the first house and follow signs.



For directions, click “DIRECTIONS” in the lower left corner of the white box??????????????

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??????????What you’ll need:

Comfortable clothes for the day.  Our yoga and movement sessions are appropriate for all levels.  Dressing in layers is ideal especially as the weather is changing.

  • A yoga mat
  • A notebook & pen for notes

We will provide:

  • Breakfast snack: apples, nuts and teas
  • Individually labeled glass water bottles.   In keeping with our environmental standards of reducing plastics.
  • Name tags
  • Lunch: Organic yummy, “made with love”,  soups: Tuscan Bean, Carrot Apple and Chicken Barley with salad and bread
  • Applicable information and an opportunity to make new friends


Any questions, please contact Irma at [email protected]

To your health,

Irma Jennings, Vicki Sarnoff, Patty Oceanak – Co-Creators