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Using Nature’s Best: Calcium-rich, Organic, Unprocessed Foods



This program is for you if:


  • You’ve been told by a doctor that you have osteopenia or osteoporosis.calcium-supplements-osteoporosis
  • You’re searching for an alternative approach before using pharmaceuticals or in addition to.
  • You’re seeking a supportive community of like-minded people who want to share their knowledge and experience.
  • You’re willing to try the new foods learned in the program; in your kitchen and/or eating out.



This 3-Part Program Includes:

recorded modules_dreamstime_xs_29320791

Part 1: 5 Recorded Food Modules– $550 Value

The pre-recorded modules packed with all the essential information described below. You can listen to these inspiring modules at your leisure in the comfort of your own home, car or office, even on your Smart Phone.

Modules are delivered weekly on Monday mornings right to your inbox for 5 week.  Pre-recorded modules give you the flexibility to listen in at your leisure and implement the suggestion recommendations.

Week 1/Module 1- Digestion


  • Why committing to bone health NOW is essentialdreamstime_1074988.Week1
  • Which foods are richest in calcium
  • How strong digestion adds up to strong bones
  • A simple breathing exercise to boost digestion
  • The power of mindful eating
  • The best pro-biotics for better digestion
  • What your nervous system has to do with digestion
  • How food affects your mood and energy
  • The importance of root vegetables for grounding your life


Week 2/Module 2- Green Veggies, Vitamin K


Delicious Collard Greens_Week2

  • How to create high positive energy with green leafy vegetables
  • How the chakra colors can guide you to choosing fresh vegetables for each of your organs and your bones
  • What oxalates are and how they block your body from getting the right nutrients
  • The importance of vitamin K for bone building and how to get it in your diet
  • A great trick for boosting your leafy greens every day



Week 3/Module 3- Grains, Gluten Intolerance, GMO’s

  • Why eating organic foods make a difference
  • The difference between “organic” and “natural” foodsRye-Teff-Rice-Amaranth_Week 3
  • How to make a safe veggie wash
  • How to know if your produce really is organic
  • Why genetically modified foods (GMO’s) are dangerous
  • How to grow your own basil and why you must!
  • The difference between whole grains and refined grains
  • The secrete to cooking whole grains
  • What gluten intolerance tells you about your risk for osteoporosis
  • How to tell if you are gluten intolerant
  • How your thyroid affects your bones
  • The ancient gluten-free grains that are good for your bones



Week 4/Module 4-Seaweed, Acid Alkaline, Beans

  • Acid and alkaline foods and how they affect your bonesdreamstime_11098209_Week 4
  • The perfect formula to find your acid and alkaline balance
  • Which foods are most alkaline and which are most acidic
  • Beans and bone: why you need beans
  • How to cook beans to avoid gas and bloating
  • Why you MUST soak your beans
  • Benefits of sprouting your beans and how to do it
  • Why seaweed is the single best source of bone building materials
  • Easy delicious ways to prepare sea vegetables without the “fishy” taste


Week 5/Module 5- Sugar, Fats, Super Bone foods

  • How sugar leaches minerals from your bones
  • The best natural sugar substitutes
  • Good Fats vs Bad Fats
  • The best oils for cookingCacao-beans_week 5
  • Why butter is good for your bones
  • Why almonds are great for your bones
  • How to make your own almond milk
  • Flax seeds and chia seeds-why you need them
  • Goji berries, garlic, mushrooms and your bones
  • How to make a bone building soup stock
  • The benefits of mineral-rich herbal teas
  • Why chocolate is good for your bones!

This is an Open Enrollment Program for the Bronze Program


A sampling of client achievements


  • An empty-nester returned to school for her masters in Public Health.
  • Diagnosed with cancer, learned the role of whole, unprocessed food in her life, took charge of her cancer with an integrative approach and now fully recovered, runs marathons.
  • Retired real estate agent, moved across country to begin a new life in her mid-60’s!
  • An empty-nester returned to the work she loves; working with pre-schoolers after raising her own two children.
  • A retired teacher re-committed to her marriage.


Deep internal shifts begin with the tool of self-care and unconditional support.

Client Feedback:

Faith 4-12 cropped photo

“I have taken Irma’s wonderful guidance very seriously. Her gentle yet brilliant counsel had immediate and dramatic positive effects. Within a few days, she motivated me to alter my diet so there is more balance and variety”  Faith Kinslow  Copywriter, NY

“The coaching sessions gave me the opportunity to discuss bone health issues in depth and to share ideas. After each module and each coaching session I felt empowered and motivated to keep making gradual food and nutrition changes in my life and reassured that I am on the right track.” Persia Wildwood, Australia

“Irma works with you to strengthen you bones (body), but also reaches all aspects of you inner core/being-the whole person: The Mind, Body and Spirit are all touched by Irma’s intuitive  knowledge wisdom and essence.” Geri Lipsman, NY

“Irma has a special gift.  I have never known a person who can connect with you on the most precious of levels. Her kindness, genuine caring and insight is a special gift. I know she will make a change in your life as she has in mine.” Marge Curvin, AZ

“A great deal  of knowledge which Irma generously shares.  Elaine Vipler, NY


Part 2:  70 – Bone Strengthening Recipes – new recipes added weekly plus special reports on Oils and GMOs



You’ll receive 70 Healthy Bone Building Recipes as well as a tested resource list for reliable online sources of organic grains, organic beans, sea vegetables, condiments and the mineral rich herbs for bone building tea infusions, to make it easy for you and your bones!

Value: $200


Part 3: Complete Exercise Programs


Ten bone-building exercises you can perform right in your own home every day to maintain and build bones.  You’ll also receive progress charts to keep track of your exercise routine and improvement.

Value: $200




Virginia GriffithI have been learning from Irma for many years.  She first taught me what it meant to cook organic, clean, healthy foods with recipes that were a snap to create. I have been following her as she has developed her Calcium program and I am thrilled to be taking care of myself in a more holistic way.”   Jenny Griffith, RN – MA




“Irma has a way of making what could be considered difficult and tedious-easy and fun!  I found her down to earth way of sharing her knowledge to be very inspiring. There is a wealth of information within each of the modules with list and charts that are great reference material. Within just a few days of making some food and life-style changes, I felt my body and my bones saying, “Thank-You”.   Dr. Lili Mansi, PA


“I just finished the five week Optimal Bone Health Program which is extremely educational, offering so much information, lectures, resource guide and the greatest recipes.  The best aspect of the modules is that you have the ability to go back and review them to learn what you need to know about foods that heal your body and supply your body with the best nutrition that nature has to offer”.  Geri Lipsman, Owner Neponsit Realty, NY 



You’ll receive access to my lectures:

Digestion: The Heart of Strong Bones and Health with Dr. W. George McAuliffe

Food Safety:  With Nancy Lowell, Chef – previous Manager at Whole Foods



Ready to take charge of your health and your bones?

I’ve made this super easy to begin with 4 program options:


There is ZERO risk to you if you are not satisfied with this program or if it’s not the right fit for you. Simply notify me prior to the release of Week 2 and you will receive the full refund. All modules are released on Monday morning at 6:00 am.





“Irma…You continue to educate in accessible and stimulating ways.”  Toni Elizabeth Kurasch, RN, NYC, NY





Picture 10 edit“I have recently completed the “Optimal Bone Health” program with Holistic Bone Coach Irma Jennings and found it to be enormously enriching.  I have been engaged in my own process of reversing osteoporosis for some time and Irma’s program was a very help next step.  Irma present in a clear and thorough manner, blending her extensive knowledge of the benefits and how-to’s of whole foods with a friendly and engaging manner.    As we say in Australia Irma is ‘the real deal’ and I would certainly highly recommend her program to anyone who is serious about building healthy bones.”  Persia Wildwood, Musician and Astrologist, Australia  


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