~ A Day of Healing ~

Topic: Detoxing

Body, Mind, Food, Spirit and Space

Are heavy metals, environmental chemicals and food choices making you SICK?

Mark your calendar for our second Day of Healing event as 7 experts offer conversational and movement solutions.

Please join us:

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Sunday, October 20,2013


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Our event will take place on a peaceful setting,  a 55-acre farm in Stockton, New Jersey

Co-Creators:  Vicki Sarnoff, Patty Oceanak and Irma Jennings welcome your participation.


We’re honored to be part of this collaborative program birthed from the desire to share the endless possibilities of great health.

Your Investment in Your Health:



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$145 for two participants (bring a friend)

Buy now 150 px

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9:15am arrival – Doors open – Healthy Breakfast of fruit, nuts and organic teas

9:50am – Welcome – Irma Jennings

10:00am – 10:40am: Dr. Stuart Freedenfeld – Heavy Metals – They’re everywhere.  In our food, our water, our deodorant! Learn about how they impact your health

10:50am – 11:30am: Dr. Lorraine Maita – Longevity and Vitality: Staying Slim, Strong, Sharp, Sexy and Super charged

11:40am – Noon: Patty Oceanak – Space Clearing

Noon – 12:20pm: Vicki Sarnoff – Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Solutions

12:30pm – 1:10 – Dr. Pam Zamel – Yoga Nidra – Detox through breath. Transformational Deep Relaxation


1:10pm – 2:00pm Lunch – Organic Soups, Carrot Apple, Tuscan Bean, Chicken Barley with Salad and Bread


2:00pm – 2:40pm – Becky Fogarty – GMOs and our food system. What are they, Where are they, How to avoid them?

2:50pm – 3:30pm – Evalina “Wally” Carbonell – Detoxing through Movement  – appropriate for all levels

*schedule subject to change

3:45pm – 4:45pm – Private Sessions with Practitioners. This is an additional cost to our Day of Healing. Private Sessions will be paid to each practitioners in the form of checks.


Discounted Private Services:  From 3:45-4:45pm are on a First Come First Served Basis

Private Services will be paid directly to the practitioners either in check or cash. 

Please email Irma at [email protected] to book your session.

1-Hour Reiki  & Therapeutic Oil Session with Vicki Sarnoff $75.00 (normally $125) BOOKED

1-Hour Reiki & Therapeutic Oil Session with Dr. Lili Mansi $75.00 (normally $125) BOOKED

1-Hour Reiki Session with Patty Oceanak $60.00 (normally $100) BOOKED

1-Hour Food Assessment Session with Irma Jennings $75.00 (normally 125.00) BOOKED


Comments from our May 2013 event:

Fantastic, enlightening, incredibly valuable information not usually available to sustain and increase health!

Excellent – doors opened for further exploration; good mix of presenters.

I hope you do more.  I have people I’d like to bring along.

A day well spent!



[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”2px”]Dr. Stuart Freedenfeld – Detox: Heavy Metals

Dr. Stuart FreedenfeldStuart Freedenfeld, MD has become recognized as one of the leading experts on the integration of multiple forms of healing. He offers consultation on the most complex and challenging problems of our day. His forte is in the areas of autism, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, allergy, autoimmune disease, colitis, cancer, heart and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, detoxification, longevity and health maintenance. He believes there is a vast array of routes to health and healing, and teaches the integration of the routes most appropriate to the individual.


[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”2px”]Dr. Lorraine MaitaInternal Health Anti-Aging

Dr. Lorraine MaitaLorraine Maita, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has over 18 years of experience in Preventive Health and Wellness, Internal, Occupational and Travel Medicine and Executive Health at Fortune 100 companies. She is also the author of Vibrance for Life: How to Live Younger and Healthier.  Dr. Maita specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, nutrition, skin care, executive health, lifestyle, advanced testing and metabolic makeover.After working with the doctor, her clients are able to regain their lives, relieve aches and pains, restore intimacy in their relationships, become more motivated to eat right and exercise, and improve personal and professional performance, physical strength and mental clarity.Prior to owning her own practice, Dr. Maita was a physician at several hospitals and clinics and served as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Prudential Financial, Medical Director on The Pfizer Health Leadership Team and Medical Director of North America for Johnson & Johnson Global Health Services. – See more at:


[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”2px”]Patty Oceanak – Detoxing Your Space

IMG_7206 (2)-1 cropPatty Oceanak has accumulated 30 years of “hands-on” experience designing homes, offices and restaurants throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Her committed to reflect “spirit, values and priorities” to physical space being beautiful and inviting, yet functional and comfortable as well.  With a diverse background as an event coordinator, Reiki Master and hospice volunteer, Patty “creates the space” bringing in all of her energy talents to space that is affordable and lovely.  She “clears” the way for abundant living.




[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”2px”]Vicki Sarnoff – Non-Toxic Cleaning Soluitons

Vicki SarnoffVicki Sarnoff is a Certified Health Coach trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in conjunction with Columbia University, an Essential Oil Consultant, and a Reiki Master. Her passion is to help people and their pets live healthy and balanced lives.  Vicki has been using Essential Oils for the past 15 years in her practice and on her pets. Vicki has been using Essential Oils for the past 15 years in her practice and on her pets.



[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”2px”]Dr. Pamela Zamel – Yoga Nidra – Detox with Breath

Dr. Pamela ZamelDr. Pamela Zamel is a licensed psychologist, certified Kundalini yoga instructor and Master level Reiki practitoner.  She combines a strong formal training in traditional psychology, with energy and body-focused forms of healing to provide a specialized and unique approach to mental health and well-being.  Pam can be reached at [email protected]

Yoga Nidra offers deep relaxation and is also called Yogic sleep.  Yoga Nidra is a science of relaxation which enables us to dive deep down into the realms of the subconscious mind, thereby releasing and relaxing mental tensions, and establishing harmony in all facets of our being.  Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothingAppropriate for all skill level.


[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”2px”]Becky Fogarty – Detox with Clean Food

Becky FogartyBecky Fogarty traveled from the corporate boardroom to the kitchen cutting board during her time at the French Culinary Institute in NYC.   Her healthcare concerns brought her into pursing more clarity on food and nutrition and to be better informed on her food choices for her family.  She returned to the classroom to educate herself on GMO’s and the impact on our food supply and was a fact checker in the documentary Generic Roulette.



[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”2px”]Evalina “Wally” Carbonell – Detox with Movement

Evalina "Wally" CarbonellDetox through Movement

Evalina “Wally” Carbonell, is a professional dancer and Certified Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic instructor.  She holds a BFA in Dance from Florida State University and is currently performing with the Philadelphia=based Kun-yang Lin Dancers



[features_box_grey width=”90%” + border=”2px”]Irma Jennings, Your MC for the Day

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Irma Jennings, CHC, Holistic Bone Coach, was diagnosed with osteopenia in 2005.This diagnosis catapulted her into a journey of study, beginning at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, then onto advanced studies in healing using Organic, Unprocessed Foods as Medicine in CA, Costa Rica, India, Bali and Thailand.  Her mission: Take back out bones with organic, unprocessed, calcium-rich foods as medicine; the first step solution before pharmaceuticals.




$90 for one participant

Buy now 150 px

$145 for two participants (bring a friend)

Buy now 150 px

Questions:  email Irma at [email protected]