Thank you for your purchase of the Webinar and slideshow Food Safety, with my guest Chef Nancy Lowell.

The password to gain access is:  Food Safety (please note Capital letters and the space between Food  Safety)

Kindly keep this email private.  Thank you!

Here is the link to the replay on Food Safety:

A Few trouble shooting tips:

When you click on the above link a page will appear with my friend Skelly (the skeleton that lives within us all).

If the sound DOES NOT come on within a minute, do the following:

~ On the same page as the skeleton, on the bottom of the page see click Click Here to Listen In
~ Click View Presentation with Audio
~ The slides will load

If the slides do not open, click SLIDES as shown below.


When you’ve entered the Instant Teleseminar page on the left you’ll see a black box with tabs (see example below).


Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 1.20.10 PM




 below SLIDES you’ll see:

<——HELPFUL RESOURCES: Click that link on the left to open a separate window.  This is a list of resources Chef Nancy wanted to share and a link to my Huffington Post Blog: My Organic Food Stamp Challenge

<——CHEF’S LAST DIET: Click that link on the left to open.  This is Chef Nancy’s blog where she creates and shares wonderful recipes.


Thank you kindly!  Any problems, please email me here—->[email protected]

From my bones to yours,