There is an art to keeping your bones strong-and it’s all about feeding your skeleton the right food!  

Learn how to Feed Your Bones!

It is all so confusing, right?  YIKES!

Did you know that your bone bank account needs calcium and mineral-rich food deposits from early childhood to age 30?

During this webinar you will get answers to these questions about how to feed your bones:

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  • Should I be drinking milk?
  • Do I need Calcium Supplements?
  • Which foods keep my bones strong?
  • Which foods weaken my bones?

However, it’s never too late to start…

Feeding Your Bones!  

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Bring your bones and join me, Skelly (the skeleton that lives in us all) on my webinar as I debunk bone myths for a lifetime of strong bones! 

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This webinar is free, however registration is necessary for call-in details and slideshow links. For my long distance and European friends, this webinar will be hosted using Instant Teleseminar which allows free calls from your computer.


During this complimentary webinar you will learn:

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  • Osteoporosis Drugs: Is Sally Field telling the whole story?
  • How strong digestion feeds strong bones.
  • Milk and Health Bones: Fact or Fiction?
  • Bone Mineral Testing: Dexa.  What is it?
  • Helpful food tips to build strong bones.
  • Details about my 5-week Food For Healthy Bones Program


Here’s what people are saying:

“Within a few days of making some food and lifestyle changes, I felt my body say Thank You!”  Dr. Lili Mansi

“Irma is an astute and supremely qualified teacher.”  Dr. Helene Leonetti

“Irma is a wise and experienced bone health coach.”  Milly Dawson, Writer, Editor

“I loved your course. Thank you!” Marilyn Drucker, RN

“Thank you Irma for a wonderfully well presented lecture.  The diversity kept everyone’s attention throughout.”  Margaret Ridall, RN


Irma Jennings is a Holistic Bone Coach and Founder of Food For Healthy Bones 

Contact Irma:  [email protected]