Can You Really Improve Bones After Your Diagnosis of Osteoporosis?

The Whole Body Approach to Osteoporosis


Keith McCormick, DC & Irma Jennings, INHC

Our event took place on Saturday, March 9th, 2019.

An incredible group of women came with their “eager to learn” questions and desires to understand the inner workings of their bones.  They learned the “next steps” for their diagnosis.

They were fed nourishing homemade bone-loving food, sipped organic mint tea and enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Guests traveled from Texas, Ohio, Iowa, NJ, PA, MA, the east and west coast of Florida.

My intention is to recreate this event in New Hope, PA.





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or call 917-405-5410

This event is for you if:

✔️ You’re frozen by your diagnosis
✔️ You’ve done everything yet your bones are getting weaker
✔️ Your doctor only wants you to take drugs
✔️ You are a breast cancer survivor
✔️ You want to get to the root cause of your bone loss
✔️ You want to find a doctor to partner on your bone journey
✔️ You’re confused about which foods to eat for strong bones
✔️ You have bones and you want to protect them 




The Whole Body Approach to Osteoporosis



Keith McCormick, D.C.

Keith McCormick, D.C., C.C.S.P. is a Board CertifIed Chiropractor Physician in the states of Massachusetts, Colorado and California and has been in clinical practice since 1981. He was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at the age of 45 (-4.3). His own healing lead him to become an expert in treating osteoporosis from a functional and integrative perspective. Since his diagnosis, Dr. McCormick has dedication his professional life to developing an effective treatment to this chronic disorder. His book, The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis, is The Definitive Guide to improving bone strength and reducing bone fracture risk. His goal is to establish the right plan for you to achieve a healthier, more active life. Dr. McCormick continues to compete regularly in marathons and triathlons as is a top finisher in his age class.

Irma Jennings, INHC

Irma Jennings, INHC, Holistic Bone Coach went from the board room on Wall Street to the cutting board in her kitchen after being diagnosed with osteopenia in 2005. She was given one choice: “take the drugs”. This injected her into the marrow of her own bones studying Food As Medicine. Now Irma offers her “food-first solution” to those diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis. Her bones have not become osteoporotic. Irma was featured in the PBS special “Stronger Bones – Longer Life” DVD with Dr. Lani Simpson. Irma is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and blogs monthly on Food for Healthy Bones.