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My Personal Story

My nutritional awareness came in with a B-A-N-G.

In the middle of yet another sleepless night the pressure in my brain was explosive.  I took myself to the emergency room, leaving behind my husband and 4-year old son. Diagnosis: Migraines.  The next step. My integrative doctor announces I have adrenal fatigue and my DXA test reveals osteopenia.


In my belly churned the bone depleting and nauseating acids; a bi-product of my fast paced life which lacked self-care. This all seemed to be normal behavior in the fast lane, until my health crisis awakened a deep calling that wouldn’t shut-up. Little did I know that this moment would be the beginning of a long and painful transition, whose “slap-in-the-face” awakening would shine a light and challenge my life-long fundamental beliefs.

I was living a lie.

I was not feeding my soul but my materialistic accumulations and my 401K. My high-profiled Wall Street life;  with phones ringing all around, the din of excitement as voices screamed reporting transactions, slowly destroyed my nervous system as I devoured my “processed food” lunch.  The chronic tension in my shoulders and neck became as familiar as my life; high stress with little to no self-care.

I had to get out!

Irma Consulting with SkellyBut how?  My institutional clients trusted me with their “buckets of bucks”.

Life took a sharp left when I joined my son’s 5th grade class, for their week-long class trip to an organic/biodymanic farm. The whisper and peaceful early morning rustling of the farm animals and activities naturally PULLED me out of a deep slumber at 4:30am.

At the barn entrance I  froze at the sight of the farmers as they quietly and rhythmically milked the cows. Outside the chickens were scratching the earth for their breakfast. The hush in the air felt so familiar.  Peace and harmony shared this space in this revealing moment, a far cry from my over-scheduled life in NYC.

In the whisper of the early morning activities, my “ah-ha” moment was clear as I stood in the cycle of the farm life, leading me to a profound understanding of: FOOD IS MEDICINE.

My Good-byes

Saying good-bye to my career brought me to the Institute of Integrated Nutrition ® in 2003 for it’s two-year program ending with an immersion trip to India.    

Diagnosed with osteopenia helped me to dive further into the “why’s”, “how’s” and “what if”s” of using food as my medicine and defining my niche. I hired myself as my own Holistic Bone Coach and went deeper into the marrow of my own bones, turning all my focus in that direction.

My Deep Healing

With grace and ease, I’ve let go of “drama and trauma.” I embrace my life to it’s fullest living more in balance and harmony, loving each and every day. My food choices have changed; my osteopenia has not shifted to osteoporosis according to my latest DXA test as I incorporate my own tools; cooking mineral-rich foods, consuming herbal tea infusions that build and maintain strong bones, weight bearing exercise, meditation, removing refined sugars, and eliminating the negative self-critic that shows up so often.  My energy has sky rocketed. I now surround myself with loving people who want to live fully.

“Buckets of Bucks” to “Bucket of Bones”

Now instead of my clients trusting me with their “Buckets of Bucks” they trust me with their “Bucket of Bones” as I bring in my years of study to a natural way of healing their bones and their life. My bones so appreciate my shift!

My mission statement is the name of my business:  Food For Healthy Bones which I embrace every day.

My path to Healing and Health began with my commitment to changing old behaviors, witnessing and letting go of old patterns and educating myself.  This happened when I enrolled in the largest nutrition school in the world:   Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN) has graduated:

100,000 students from 120 countries.  

The beauty about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®  program is the convenience of an online platform.  You will be supported by an active mentoring community.  To learn more, please click the image to the upper right.

My Changes, my Good Byes and my Hellos:

These changes took place because of the holistic teachings at IIN®.   I become a student once again.  A student and a coach of my own precious life.

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As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® and I am happy to share my experience with you.


It changed my world.

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Joshua Rosenthal, Founder, IIN discussing the importance of health coaches.