Irma Jennings, INHC is an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach who loves to share, through compelling talks, workshops, and events what she is passionate about: 
Irma specializes in those who are concerned about bone health, whose services and programs make a difference in other people’s lives. Often service professionals lack the skills to peel away the onion skin underlining the problem with our bones and our health.
Irma is available to “tickle the bones” to groups of all sizes on the above topics.
 Spicing Up Your Bones and Your Digestion

Irma shares Food for Healthy Bones on Princeton TV



Interviewed by Gaye O’Brien a fully qualified and certified Life, Business & Executive Coach, NLP Trainer, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist and International Best-Selling Author of NLP Essentials for Teachers” On All Things Bones.

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My Day of Healing – Reclaim Your Authentic Self – Sept 2015

My Day Of Healing – A full day retreat for your bones – May 2015:

5 Integrative practitioners presented on all things bones.  From Bone Medicine and Supplements, to Food For Healthy Bones, to Yoga for Osteoporosis, to Bone Meditation to Healing with Tibetan Bowls.  Irma hosted and presented.

Let Food By Your Medicine – One of 5 experts presenting in the world of Food as Medicine, PA
Take Charge of Your Bone Health, PA one of 5 experts on Food for Healthy Bones
Food as Medicine, NYC, NY for doctors and health care practitioners
My Day of Healing, A Full Day Retreat
We have gathered 285 guests, speakers and seekers for our My Day of Healing events.
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Irma interviewed by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
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